Irvine, CA Identity Theft Defense Attorney

Identity theft is typically considered a nonviolent crime based on deception and misrepresentation. Usually in an identity theft case, the alleged offender has accessed another person's identification information through computer hacking or mail theft and uses this information to obtain credit cards, other bank accounts, or get funds to which they are not entitled. Each piece of personal identification information unlawfully obtained can be charged as another count of identity theft, classified as a felony. 

Are you under investigation for or are you being charged with identity theft in the Irvine, CA area? If so, it is vital that you retain the services of a highly qualified criminal defense attorney. Our Irvine, CA identity theft lawyer at the Law Offices of Mark Raymond McDonald can provide you with knowledgeable and skilled legal representation in any criminal charge, including those involving identity theft. Mr. McDonald has been in practice since 1990 and is a former prosecutor. He has successfully defended innumerable clients over the past two decades in multiple criminal cases and has earned the high respect of the Irvine, CA and Orange County legal community. Contact our firm to set up a free, initial consultation about your situation today.

The Law Offices of Mark Raymond McDonald serves clients in Santa Ana, Irvine and throughout Orange County, California.

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