Orange County (OC) Expungements Attorney

Expungements (Record Repair)

Modern technology allows employers, state license boards, and others to access your criminal record of arrests and convictions through "background checks."  Having your record expunged seals you records so that they are no longer accessible to these kinds of "checks."  Expungement (or record repair) makes it easier for you to find employment, get a state license, rent an apartment, join a professional organization, and allows you to resume a normal life

Certificates of Rehabilitation and Pardons 

Our Orange County, CA Expungement Attorney can help you in the following areas: 

  • Withdraw guilty or no contest pleas
  • Get misdemeanor or felony cases dismissed
  • Reduce felony charges to misdemeanors
  • Expunge a conviction
  • Seek early ending of a probation
  • Seal juvenile records
  • Obtain certificates of rehabilitation and pardons
  • Expunge arrest records 

Pardons restore all of you civil rights.  Those who have served prison terms and been out of prison for at least seven years qualify for pardons.

If you or someone you know are interested in learning more about the possibility of expungement for repairing you record, call our law firm for a free consultation.  Our experienced expungement lawyer has helped numerous clients with record repair in the Orange County, CA area.  Mr. McDonald is highly qualified with his extensive work dealing with all types of criminal matters and is committed to helping his clients.  He will zealously represent you and strive to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

The Law Offices of Mark Raymond McDonald serves clients in Santa Ana, Irvine and throughout Orange County, California.

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