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Governor Brown Overturns Parole Board Release of "Devil Cult Killer"
Arthur Craig "Moose" Hulse is serving a life sentence for two 1970 murders committed with the Sons of Satan gang but was found suitable for release. Governor Jerry Brown overturned that decision.

How Far is Too Far? Experts Question Decision to Shoot Anaheim Hills Intruder
An Orange County homeowner might face criminal charges after shooting a burglar that attacked him inside his own home.

Man Pleads Not Guilty to Murder in Suspected DUI
A Westminster, California man accused of DUI and the murder of his passenger, who is suspected of fleeing to Omaha, Nebraska after the fact, has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Friends, Family Mourn Santa Ana Teen Killed in Suspected DUI Crash
Eighteen year old Roberto Rubio of Orange County, California passed away shortly after being the victim of a crash involving an alleged drunk driver.

Amanda Bynes, Already on Probation, Arrested on Suspicion of DUI
The actress, known for her childhood roles, has had another run in with the law involving driving under the influence.

Man Arrested on Suspicion of Hate Crime, Trying to Stab Man
A white man was arrested in Costa Mesa after attempting to stab a black man. It is alleged that the suspect used racial slurs and yelled white power while threatening the victim with a knife.

Final Arguments Made in Unique Attempt to Save Mass Murderer From Death
A criminal defense attorney is trying to save a mass murderer who pleaded guilty to killing his ex-wife and seven others from receiving the death penalty.

Teen rape law vote delayed in Legislature
Changes in California law have been proposed that will affect teens who commit sexual assault against unconscious victims. A vote on this legislation, named Audrie's Law, has been delayed.

Young Children Could Face Bullying Charges in City Under Proposed Law
The City of Carson, California may be among the first to pass a law making young children criminally responsible for bullying. The law, providing for tickets and even misdemeanor charges, has been tenatively approved by the Carson City Council.

Supreme Court Decides on the Constitutionality of Cell Phone Searches Following an Arrest
The United State Supreme Court is reviewing two cases to decide whether police can search the cell phone of an arrested criminal suspect's cell phone without a warrant. With the evolution of the technology, a cell phone doesn't simply contain a list of phone numbers and call logs, it often contains emails, web browsing history and text messages. This case will have major implications for arrested suspects across the country.

Law Enforcement Tampers with Evidence in Pedersen& Grigsby Murder Case
Oregon State Police Det. Dave Steele has been removed from the murder investigation of David “Joey” Pedersen and Holly Ann Grigsby, the couple accused of racketeering and related offenses in connection with the 2011 killings of four people in California, Washington and Oregon after it became clear he was exercising 'bad faith' in the case.

Drunken Driving Sometimes an "Opinion Crime"
The recent case of a Texas man who was arrested after he blew a 0.00 on a Breathalyzer and then offered to provide a blood sample has prompted some discussion among the legal and law enforcement community. Some legal experts say that drunken driving can sometimes be “an opinion crime,” as it requires law enforcement officers to make quick judgment calls on whether a person is intoxicated.

Criminal Defendant Challenges OC Law Enforcement's Marijuana Laws and Wins
Even though prosecutors offered criminal defendant Jason D. Andrews of Orange County, California an attractive plea bargain earlier this month, he refused the deal on the grounds that he complied with the law regarding his medical marijuana dispensary. His stubbornness and honesty paid off. Andrews eventually won due to a hung jury.

Several Arrested During DUI Crackdowns This Weekend
The police set up DUI and Drivers checkpoints on Friday night in the Petaluma area. Yes its the holiday seasons but its better to be safe than sorry. To avoid the traffic make sure to plan a detour around these blockades.

DUI and Metabolism of Alcohol
While people metabolize alcohol at varying rates, section 23152B of the California Vehicle code primarily focuses on blood alcohol levels.

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