Client Testimonials

From the Duncan Family

Dear Mr. McDonald,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the hard-work which ultimately lead to my innocent son’s freedom.

I remember when I received the news that my son had been arrested for child molestation against three small children, and other sex related charges. He was in jail on a $1,000,000 (one million dollar) bail and was facing life in prison. Imagine all of this while knowing that your son was completely innocent. This was not a case where there could be any plea bargain. It was all or nothing. My boss gave me your name and told me that I could trust you and that she was sure you could help our family. I recall anxiously dialing your number and the feeling of hopelessness and fear I had before speaking to Denise. Denise assured me that everything would be okay and scheduled an appointment to meet with you. In one just phone call to your office and learned about my son rights, this initial reassurance allowed me to sleep better.

My daughter-in-law was also overwhelmed and deeply saddened about the horrible news regarding my son. We were also both wondering how these horrible allegations would effect my two grandchildren (her sons), we were worried that CPS would take the children away. Fortunately, you intervened with CPS and was able to speak directly with the CPS worker and discuss the allegations against my son and showed her the truth. I believe that this was one of the first steps towards freedom that my son had. In addition to all of your hard work in court, Noelia bore the burden of keeping us well informed of my son’s case, which seemed like a minute-by-minute update. We were never left in the dark and always felt confident that everything that could be done, was being done.

From that first conversation with the CPS worker to the countless conversations you had with the district attorney’s office you began to unfold the lies. Ultimately, your investigators took statements from the alleged victims. These statements opened yet another door for the district attorney to see that my son was completely innocent. The final chapter was when you were able to show the district that my son was innocent by getting their office to agree that he take a polygraph exam. Everything was running so smoothly, I found it hard to believe that we were actually making progress in getting my son out, it was not until my son passed the polygraph did I finally release that my nightmare would soon be over. Then on the morning of his last court hearing, when the District Attorney announced that son’s case was dismissed and he would be free to go home after the release process, our nightmare was over. I picked my son up that evening. My son is now reunited with his family and they are looking forward to a long life of happiness. My son came very close to spending life in prison, I would hate to imagine what might have happened had I gone to another attorney.

You office is the best there is and we will be forever grateful to you.

From Terry:

I was facing many years in prison for crimes that were completely fabricated by a rogue cop who had it in for me from a highschool grudge. He was successful at keeping me locked up in county jail for two months while you fought my case. In the end, you did what you said you would do, if i would just give you time to do it. You got my charges dismissed and i am forever grateful to you and your kind staff. You guys don't take crap from anyone! Thank-you again for your skll, courage and compassion.

From Joe:
"THANK YOU SO MUCH, DreamTeam, for fighting for my freedom! Thank you for believing in me, for being there for me, for taking my collect calls, and an occasional 3way call, for those Daily Journals. Case Law from WestLaw operation sure isn’t free-thanks for those. It made me feel as though I was helping out with the research! Thanks for the clothing, Denise had Joe looking sharp! I almost didn’t recognize myself as well as my brother Nate who looked directly at me. When asked, "Do you recognize Joe Gray? "Uh yeah, that’s him, isn’t it? Thank you, Denise for ordering the L.A. Times for me, even though I thought it was too expensive. Thanks for preparing the witnesses, thanks for tolerating my brother, you know the one. Thanks for picking me up when I was released, and thanks for the beer on ice! And finally, Mark, thank you for that wonderful closing argument. Not only was it a brilliant piece, but it was passionate appeal for justice. Facing life in prison for what the DA claimed was a double murder is a steep hill to climb! Thank you for everything, including the things that I forgot. The employees of the Law Offices of Mark Raymond McDonald will be a part of my life forever! I’m glad you came into my life! THANK YOU SO MUCH, DreamTeam! Sincerely, Joe "

From Michael:
"Originally this was to be a letter of thanks. However, in preparing to write this letter it became clear to me that I was blessed to have an attorney such as yourself. You posses the qualities that I feel make for an exceptional attorney. Firstly, you took my needs and concerns into account. Secondly, I never felt that you were misleading or making any decisions without my knowing. Moreover, your personal interest in this case made a significant difference; both you and Denise signify what lawyer’s should be. The time you spent with me, the effort put into this case, the concern showing from you along with Denise is Highly appreciated and cannot go unmentioned. Thank you for your dedication as well as your professional work in a case that has truly made a difference in my life. Sincerely, Michael"

From Jim:
"Mark, Thanks for all your help and faith. I was really worried about my case until I hired you to represent me. That was the most important decision I was ever faced with in my life. I made a very good choice! Thanks to you and your staff - Denise did a great job. Thanks to you I am able to move on with my life and family. I learned a big lesson, know who your friends are and stay out of Riverside County. Denise, Thanks for all your help, you are the best. You really know your job! You and Mark make a great team. Wish you both all of the success, love and happiness. Jim."

From Gary:
"This is a small token of appreciation for accommodating my inquires and questions while we were dealing with this very dangerous time for my son. Thank you for your patience while we attempted to understand and learn how the "system" works. Gary."

From Eileen:
"I am so grateful for all your work to help my son, I can’t thank you enough for bringing him home to me. Eileen."

From Travis:
"Dear Mark and Denise, I want to thank you and your awesome, wonderful staff for going out of your way to do every wonderful think you did to see my case successfully. I mean that from the bottom of my heart! You are some of the most wonderful, cool, and great people I have meet in a long time! I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to me, to care, and to take such a special interest in my case. Thank you for helping an innocent person get off and get through it, and Denise, thanks for your caring support! Your staff is wonderful too! You have helped me more, than you’ll ever know! The Biggest Thanks again! Sincerely, Love your client Travis."

From a Witness:
"I think Mr. McDonald was absolutely awesome. His closing statement was impressive to say the least. He is an incredible trial attorney. I am very impressed with not only Mr. McDonald, but also with his staff. You have all put in a human element that so many times is lost during a time like this. I can never thank you all enough on behalf of Joe. You have all given your utmost and for that I thank you!"

From Shelly and Shawn:
"It’s easy to say "thank you" - What’s difficult to do is express the many special thoughts behind our thanks to you. I would like to thank you and your staff for all your help. Shawn and I greatly appreciate everything you have done. Thank you. Shelly & Shawn."

From Jennifer:
"Dear Mr. McDonald, I just wanted to take the time to Thank you and Denise for everything you have done for my children and I thank you for being there. Take care, God Bless! Jennifer."

From Tim:
"The best day of my life is when I got Mark’s name, and when he got my son’s case dismissed. When I found out that my son was looking at serving 3 life terms, I was terrified. I thought about all of the lost dreams I had for my son, I imagined what it would be like for my son to live his entire life in custody, no children, no future, no dreams. Mark, you restored those dreams. You fought so hard for my son. You did so much work on his case, you replied to all of his demands, no other lawyer would have done the things you did to help him. Thank you Mark for being so great with the jury, and taking my son’s case. Best regards, Tim."

From Craig:
"My life was spiraling out of control. You were able to gather the many court cases I had scattered all over the Inland Empire, and get all of them resolved. What amazes me is that you were able to get my cases resolved so fast! Thank you for all of your help. Craig."

From Matthew:

Being charged with kidnapping and rape and going through a jury trial was the scariest event in my life. I was just 17. You were always a calming voice and were so good with the jury. You got me acquitted, and I was suddenly free. I had given up on life altogether and felt the whole world was against me. The press was writing articles about my case every day, making me seem like a monster. The jury saw the case for what it was, a fabrication and a false claim. There is no way I can thank-you enough for your dedication and skill. You are the only lawyer I would ever go to or recommend. Thank-you again.

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