A Sampling of Case Results

People v. Branden A. (2014) The defendant was charged with sexual battery. The district attorney had the wrong guy! There was video tape evidence to support the client’s innocence; however, the DA didn’t care. They wanted a conviction. Even though the charge was a misdemeanor, Mark McDonald wouldn’t back down. He fought for two years and got the entire case thrown out of court. Now the office is going to sue everyone who maliciously prosecuted the client. Justice will be served! 

People v Addae B. (2014) The defendant was charged with one felony count of violation of Health and Safety code section 11359, Possession for Marijuana for Sale, and one count of violation of Health and Safety code violation of 11360(a) Selling and furnishing hashish marijuana. The case involved an uncover officer who presented himself as a medical marijuana patient. The district attorney made assertions that the defendant violated Proposition 215 thereby filing the two felony count complaint.  Attorney McDonald fought the district attorney tooth and nail on every issue. He was able to pin-point several mistakes made by the officers. Mr. McDonald diligently went to each and every court appearance ultimately getting the defendant’s case dismissed in it entirety!

People v Erick B (2014) The defendant was charged with multiple violation of California Vehicle code sections. Mr. McDonald petitioned the court pursuant to 1203.4 and was able to get the defendant’s guilty plea withdrawn, and the case completely dismissed. Now the client can seek out employment without having to admit that he has ever been in trouble with the law.

People v John C (2014) The accused came to us prior to the district attorney filing charges. In most cases, this is the best avenue to take. There is a small window between the arrest and the filing of the complaint. It is during this time period that our office is able to present additional evidence to the district attorney in hopes of the persuading the DA not to file charges. We were successful. The case was rejected by the district attorney. 

People v Heather B (2014) This defendant was charged with a misdemeanor 415(2). Her future would have been destroyed if this charge resulted in a conviction. After two court appearances Mr. McDonald got the entire case dismissed! The client is happy this horrible ordeal is behind her. 

People v. Rikin S (2014) The defendant suffered a wrongful arrest of defrauding an innkeeper, violation of Penal Code section 537. Sadly, innocent people get arrested. Mr. McDonald gathered all the evidence necessary to show that our client was innocent and was successful! In one appearance the case was dismissed! 

People v Lacey W (2014) The defendant was charged with violation of Penal Code section 647(f), disorderly conduct. The client never had to go to court and the case was dismissed within one court appearance.

People v Janice C (2014) The defendant was charged with violation of Vehicle Code section 10851(a) and Penal Code section 496(d). The case was originally filed in 2002. Mr. McDonald filed a speedy trial motion “Serna” motion. The motion was granted, the case was dismissed!   

People v Kaitlyn D (2014) The defendant was charged with violation of Penal Code section 282(a), Theft of Personal Property. This type of charge will scare away any potential employer. Mr. McDonald fought hard and was able to get the entire case dismissed. 

People v. Stacey B (2014) was charged with two counts of driving under the influence. Her BAC was well above the legal limit of .08. Because of Mr. McDonald’s diligence, the DA dismissed both counts of DUI and in exchange a plea to wet and reckless was entered.

People v. Jose S (2014) The defendant was charged with two counts of violation of Vehicle Code section 23152(a) and (b), his BAC was .18 and .19. Because the case had aged over four years, Mr. McDonald filed a Serna motion which was granted by the court, the entire case dismissed. 

People v. Sessions (2013). Female facing a new robbery charge, and with a prior strike for residential burglary. When we took over her case, she was looking at 10 years in prison at 85%. We worked with the district attorney and explained that her failings were drug-based. The case settled as a huge victory when Ms. Sessions was admitted into drug court, had the robbery reduced to a non-strike, and was released

People v Rodriguez (2012) Defendant wrongfully accused of child molestation by daughter who wanted more freedom with her friend. She held onto her accusations, while we went out and pursued the truth. The girl's friends caslled her a big liar. Church pastors caught her making up lots of stories. Through exhaustive interviewing withesses, the girl's lie was exposed and the district attorney DISMISSED the case just before trial.

People v Carter (2012) Defendant charged with carjacking, terrorist threats, spousal battery, car theft and assault on police officers causing serious injury. Defendant was looking at 24 years in prison. We convinced the prosecution, through exhaustive witness interviews, that the lead officer had a personal vendetta against the defendant based upon a personal relationship. The officer had written a grossly exaggerated and misleading report and it came back to bite him. The defendant pled no contest to a misdemeanor "resisting arrest." Everything else was dismissed.

People v Robles (2012) Defendant charged with kidnapping and child abduction. Defendant faced 14 years prison.. Mr. McDonald negotiated a plea bargain where defendant received probation and no jail time.

People v Andrew L. (2012) Defendant charged with possession of body armour, prior strike conviction and gang enhancements. Exposed to 14 years prison. Case dismissed at preliminary hearing for insufficient evidence.

People v Maria P. (2011) Defendant charged with commercial burglary of merchandise in excess of $500. Case settled for an infraction.

People v Donald D. (2011) Defendant charged with child molestation against three separate victims over the course of years. He faced life in prison. After an exhaustive re-investigation of the facts by our in-house investigator, the alleged victims’ stories began to unravel. Based upon our investigations, the district attorney conducted its’ own re-investigation of the case, eventually agreeing with the defense that the victims’ horrible allegations against our client were false. Donald D. went from facing life in prison to being a free man when the prosecutor dismissed the entire case prior to the preliminary hearing.

People v Martin S. (2011) Possession of illegal Assault Rifle. Case dismissed.

People v Josh T (a Minor) (2011) Juvenile charged with robbery, attempted robbery and assault with a motor vehicle. He was facing up to seven years in California Youth Authority for these strike offenses.The case was thoroughly investigated by our “in-house” investigator. The case settled when Josh admitted a lesser offense and received probation.

People v. Charlotte L. (2011)The defendant was charged with a Penal Code 148 (interfering in police investigation & resisting arrest). She was innocent of all charges and did not want to plead to anything.The district attorney offered a 415 (disturbing the peace) infraction. We prepared for jury trial, provided a long list of defense witnesses, and the district attorney gave up the fight – dismissing the case.

People v. Kelly O. (2011) Our client was arrested for possession for sales of a controlled substance with a prior strike. She was facing 9 years in state prison.We employed a recognized defense allowing a defendant to temporally possess even a large amount of controlled substances, if possession is for the purpose of disposal.The prosecution allowed our client to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and be released from jail with no probation.

People v. Brian H. (2010) The defendant was charged with a battery charge.Through careful investigations, the attorney was able to prove that the reporting officers embellished the facts of the case. The defendants battery charge was dismissed.

People v. Edward D. (2010) The defendant was charged with five counts of felony stalking &annoying and molesting a child under the age of 18 years of age. The defendant faced registration as a sex offender and a prison sentence. We were able to settle the case for a single misdemeanor charge of “peeping.” This charge required no sex registration and our client stayed out of jail.

People v. Richard O. (2010) The defendant had two strike priors, he was charged with his third strike and three felony counts of burglary, petty theft with a prior, and stolen public property. In addition, the district attorney alleged 8 prison priors against the defendant. The defendant went to a jury trial as a three striker was found guilty of just petty theft.

People v. Marviena M. (2010) The defendant was charged with two felony counts of violations of Penal Code section 503 (embezzlement) and 487(a) (grand theft). Since the defendant was not brought to trial within the parameters as outlined in the US Constitution, we filed a motion to dismiss the defendant’s case. The motion was granted.

People v. Merritt M. (2010) The defendant was arrested for violation of Penal Code section 422 (terrorist threats), a felony and a strike. As Merritt’s lawyers, we had to prove that the client was innocent of the charges. Ultimately, Count 1, Penal Code section 422 was dismissed. The defendant plead guilty to an infraction of disturbing the peace, with no consequences whatsoever.

People v. John C. (2010) The defendant was charged and held to answer at preliminary hearing for Felony kidnaping and Infliction of Corporal Injury on a spouse. The office conducted numerous investigations and had many meetings with the district attorney regarding the case and the lack of any injuries on the alleged victim.The client was facing over 15 years in prison, the attorney convinced the district attorney to dismiss all counts and allow the defendant to plead guilty. The defendant never had to spend a day in jail and is on summary probation.

People v. Alex T. (2010) The defendant was charged with Burglary and Forgery, a case with serious consequences. Mr. McDonald worked with the district attorney and convinced him to allowed the defendant to undergo drug treatment and do community service out-of-state, rather than go to jail.

People v. Brian G. (2010) The defendant was charged with several counts of DUI with serious injuries or death. He was facing over 16 months in State prison. He told us he wanted to finish the police academy an become a sworn officer. We worked closely with the prosecutors and the judge, and achieved a misdemeanor outcome for Brian. He stays in the academy, and has learned a valuable lesson.

People v Worley (2010) Defendant charged with felony transportation and possession of methamphetamine. We convinced the district attorney to dismiss all charges at the defendant's first court appearance (his arraignment).

People v Andy L. (2010) Defendant charged with felony vehicle pursuit from police, and an enhancement of criminal street gang activity behind the pursuit. Andy was facing 14 years prison. The state presented evidence at a preliminary hearing. We cross-examined the lead officer and the gang expert. The court dismissed the case in its entirety, agreeing with the defense that the officer had not been credible in his story about the vehicle chase.

People v Gonzalez (2010) Defendant caught with 13 pounds of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. District attorney sought a 19 year prison term. Based upon our filing of motions in his defense, his 19 year prison dropped to 2 years. He will serve 5 months of that.

People v Kizer (2010) Defendant charged with felony robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. Defendant's felonies all dismissed, and case resulted in simple misdemeanor assault with no jail.

People v Sidhu (2010) Defendant charged with assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily injury. Case dismissed.

People v Larson (2010) Defendant charged with grand theft and embezzlement. We filed a motion to dismiss the felonies before trial, arguing insufficient evidence. Case dismissed.

People v Whiteford (2010) Defendant charged with fraud and grand theft. Case dismissed.

People v Leday (2010) Defendant charged with felonies, assault with a deadly weapon and a special allegation of causing great bodily injury. After extensive negotiation, case settled for a simple misdemeanor battery and no jail

People v Martin (2010) Defendant charged with grand theft. We filed and argued a "speedy trial" motion. Case dismissed.

People v Bryce F. (2010) Defendant charged with felony evading police chase, and participating in criminal street gang. He was facing state prison time. Case reduced to misdemeanor traffic violation.

People v McCombs (2010) Suspended license and probation violations. All dismissed.

People v Joseph C. (Juvenile) (2010). Defendant charged with arson, terrorist threats and filing false police reports. He was facing a long time in the California Youth Authority. Felonies were dismissed and defendant was released from juvenile hall.

People v Armstrong (2009) Defendant charged with possession for sales of controlled substances and maintaining a residence as a place of sales. We filed a motion to quash and traverse the search warrant used to get in his house. Motion granted. Case dismissed.

People v Jonathan G. (2009) Defendant charged with burglary and possession for sales of large quantities of stolen prescription drugs. Defendant received drug court.

People v Natalia P. (2009) Defendant charged with DUI. We filed a "double jeopardy" motion on client's behalf. Case dismissed.

People v. Anthony M. (2009) Defendant charged with attempted murder, discharging a firearm and causing great bodily injury. While he was facing a life term in prison, he received only a two year term after we put up a vigorous defense.

People v Jeffrey B. (2009) Defendant charged with third DUI. Facing a year in jail. We showed the DA the problems with proving the case, and the DA let the case go for a simple infraction.

People v Awad (2008) Defendant charged with felony terrorist threats. We took the case to a jury because the district attorney demanded 5 years prison. Defendant found Not Guilty.

People vs. Ortega (2008) Defendant was charged with molesting a child, through negotiations with the district attorney, the defendant’s charges were dismissed.

People vs. Rago (2008) Defendant was charged with under the influence (.08 bac) , convinced the district attorney to reduce the charge to a wet reckless.

People v. Andy L (2008) Defendant was charged with murder, torture, and kidnapping. He was facing life in prison. Case dismissed just before trial after exhaustive efforts to show the district attorney had charged the wrong man. Defendant was released from custody the same day.

People v. James M. (2008) Defendant was charged with home invasion robbery, case went to trial, hung jury - no conviction.

People v Jeffrey B. (2008) Defendant faced a second DUI and a violation of probation. His DUI and probation violations were dismissed prior to trial and he pled guilty to drinking in public. He was fined.

People v Avalos (2007) Defendant tried on charge of theft from a merchant and acquitted.

People v. Purnima K. (2007)Defendant shot husband in the hip during a n argument and was charged with attempted murder and use of a firearm. She faced two life terms in prison with a minimum of twenty-five years in prison if convicted. Defendant obtained a plea-bargain where she was allowed to plead guilty to “assault with a firearm” and receive probation with electric monitoring in lieu of jail.

People v. Kraig S. (2007) Defendant was charged with felony assault on a police officer after got into an altercation with a detective who wanted to question him about a crime. Defendant pulled mace from his pocked and maced the detective in the face. The judge dismissed the felony following the preliminary hearing, and the defendant pleaded guilty to simple battery as a misdemeanor.

People v. D.B. (2007) Defendant charged with felony vandalism after allegedly committing 10,000 damage to a person’s truck following an altercation. The court dismissed the felony following a preliminary hearing and the defendant pled guilty to an infraction, disturbing the peace.

People v Adan Z. (2006) Defendant was charged with Kidnapping for Rape, Forceable Rape, Criminal Threats and Assault with a Deadly Weapon. He faced 34 years to life in prison if convicted. The prosecution put the victim on the witness stand at the defendant’s preliminary hearing, where Mr. McDonald badly discredited her. The judge dismissed all charges against Mr. Zurita.

People v Santos (2006) Defendant, who was on parole for a strike offense of attempted manslaughter, was charged with robbery after forceably taking property from a liquor store and striking the store clerk. He faced more than 10 years in prison. At his preliminary hearing, the judge reduced the robbery to a misdemeanor theft, and the defendant was released from jail.

People v T.Gray (2006) Defendant charged with assault causing great bodily injury. Defendant had a prior strike and was facing 14 years in prison. The jury acquitted Mr. Gray after two hours of deliberation, deciding he had acted in self-defense.

People v LaQualia O. (2006) Defendant embezzled $160,000 from her employer. She received probation and no jail.

People vs. Alfred L. (May 2006) The Defendant, Alfred L. was charged with fraud, grand theft, embezzlement, and possession of a fire arm. His exposure was 19 years State Prison. In three court appearances, Mr. McDonald successfully convinced the district attorney to dismiss almost all of the charges. The client received probation and is now taking care of his family and working full-time.

People vs. Ryan P. (April 2006) The Defendant, Ryan P. had received a citation for his third driving under the influence. After several discussions with the district attorney in San Bernardino, Mr. P received a wet reckless. His driver's license was not affected and today Mr. P has a driver's license that holds no restrictions.

People vs. Adan Z. (April 2006) The Defendant Adan Z. was charged with rape and kidnapping, facing life without parole. Case was completely dismissed at Preliminary Hearing at the Southwest Justice center located in Riverside County. The defendant was released from jail the same day the case got dismissed. He did not have to post bail, nor does he have to be under any court supervision. He is a free man, as if nothing ever happened. Upon Mr. Z's release from custody, he went out for a big dinner with his family and is now back to work.

People vs. Steven M. (March 2006) The Defendant Steven M. got caught up with a high speed pursuant with the California Highway Patrol. The chase was televised and received a lot of media attention. Mr. M was charged with evading a peace officer and driving while under the influence. Mr. McDonald convinced the judge to give his client drug court. Mr. M has completed drug court and is successfully working.

People v Sanchez (2005) Defendant charged with shooting at an occupied residence and with a street gang allegation. Acquitted at trial.

People v . Kraig S. (2005) Defendant charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and battery on a police officer, causing injury. Case dismissed at Preliminary Hearing.

People v Clark (2005) Defendant charged with residential burglary. Case dismissed

People v. Robert D. (2005) Defendant charged with transportation and sales of controlled substances. Case dismissed.

People vs. Keith P.(2004) Charged with Residential Burglary, gave a statement to the officers admitting to all the charges. Despite the odds, Mr. McDonald pled the defendant to a misdemeanor charge and the defendant got no time as a result of his plea, and his only term of probation was a small fine.

People vs. A.S. (2004)The defendant's was charged with kidnap for ransom, carrying a prison term of "life without parole" Bail was set at $1,500,000 but Mr. McDonald was successful in getting his bail reduced to $100,000. As a result the client was out of custody so he can fight his case. Mr. McDonald then moved to have the kidnap for ransom case dismissed in its entirety because the defendant's right to due process had been violated. After written briefs and lengthy arguments before the court, the court dismissed the whole case.

People vs. Richard Y.(2003) The Public Defender's office had this case for almost one year, the best offer was 9 years state prison. Mr. McDonald was hired, filed a 17 page Motion requesting Prop. 36, the motion was granted, and the defendant was released from custody the same day. This is an example of effective counsel that takes a stand for his clients and gets results.

People vs. Tanya H.(2003) Mr. McDonald took this nationally publicized case on from another attorney that had her case for over one year. Mr. McDonald's effective negotiating skills allowed Ms. Hadden to plead to a two year sentence rather than the 15 years she was being offered.

People vs. Jaime H.(2003) Charged with 245(a), assault with a deadly weapon, a strike. After only one court appearance Mr. McDonald was able to get the case down to brandishing a firearm and 28 days weekend work release.

People vs. [sealed name](2003) Charged with battery, Mr. McDonald was hired before any court appearances. The district attorney filed charges, however Mr. McDonald provided concrete documentation regarding our client's innocence and successfully convinced the Riverside District Attorney's Office to withdraw the filing and the case was listed as insufficient evidence.

People vs. Miller (2002) Felony Probation violation. Defendant was facing an automatic three-year prison term because he had a suspended prison sentence. We held a formal probation violation hearing. Mr. McDonald fought the process, and the judge found the defendant "not in violation" of probation. He was immediately released.

People vs. Gary V.(2002) Charged with unfounded sex crimes. Mr. McDonald fought day and night. The district attorney ultimately dismissed the case after Mr. McDonald, through a forensic computer expert, showed that a detective may have fabricated computer porn evidence against Mr. Vertican.

People vs. Joe G. (2002) Charged with (2) counts of First Degree Murder. The case went to jury trial. The jury deadlocked, favoring a conviction for voluntary manslaughter. At sentencing Mr. McDonald proved the Mr. Gray's character was that of an up standing citizen. He was released from custody that day, and one of only a handful of people ever to get probation on this kind of charge. Today, Mr. Gray visits our office regularly and we all feel he is part of our family for life. In 2010, Mr. McDonald saw that Mr. Gray's manslaughter conviction was expunged from his record.

People vs. William C.(2000) Charged with Assault with a deadly weapon, case went to a jury trial, and the jury found him not guilty.

People vs. Charles H.(2000) Charged with attempted murder, jury found him not guilty. Exposure went from 16 years to 3 years at half-time.

People vs. Steve C.(2001) Appeal, reversed and remanded for new trial. Defendant released from State Prison. Published Opinion

People vs. Jack R.(1999) First Degree Murder trial, alleging special circumstances. The case went to jury trial, the defendant was facing LWOP. jury found him not guilty of First Degree Murder.

People vs. Michael M. (1999) Charged with Rape, case was dismissed before trial, after battling with the district attorney for almost three years. This incident changed Michael's life after receiving his bachelor's degree he returned to school and is now working on his law degree.

In re Michael I, (1999)The California Youth Authority deprived Michael I his constitutional right to counsel. Mr. McDonald filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus and was successful. Published Opinion

People vs. Matthew L. (1998) Rape charges on a minor, case went to jury trial, and the entire case completely dismissed. Defendant was released the same day. Today Matthew is married with a child and lives a normal happy life.

There are hundreds and hundreds of cases with results that represent victories as stated above. It is not uncommon for Mr. McDonald, and his staff to receive letters of thanks from his clients.

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