Irvine, CA Child Molestation Attorney

Overview of Child Molestation Charges:

All child molestation charges are serious and most require lifetime registration as a sex offender. Child molestation laws also involve very long prison terms. The most serious charges involve alleged victims under age ten and carry a potential life term in prison. If there are multiple alleged victims, a life term can also be involved. Most of these cases involve alleged victims younger than fourteen. If an alleged victim is fourteen or fifteen and the accused is at least ten years older, a less severe charge of child molestation is involved.

Our Irvine, CA and Orange County Defense attorney has handled many of these cases and has successfully had many dismissed.


Misdemeanor Child Molestation: 

Some variations of child molestation are considered misdemeanors, such as "annoying a child." These types of cases still require registration as a sex offender, and must be fought just as hard as felony cases. Statutory rape is one sex offense that does not require sex registration, as a misdemeanor of a felony. Statutory rape involves sexual intercourse between a person under the age of eighteen, and a defendant at least three years older than the alleged victim. There are some child molestation cases, originally filed as a more serious charge, that are able to be reduced to this non-registrable form of "unlawful sex" through negotiation. 

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